Dr. Alan Sezer is a prosthodontist, specializing in the restoration and replacement of teeth. Upon finishing four years of dental school, he received three years of specialized training at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited graduate program. 

As an expert in the restoration and replacement of teeth, Dr. Sezer can make your smile increasingly beautiful and functional.


Our dental office offers a variety of dental solutions for patients with missing teeth and teeth in need of care. With the use of crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures, we are able to recreate and improve smiles of all shapes and sizes.

No matter how simple or complex your dental restoration care needs may be, our team of dental experts is here to help.

To learn more about restoring your smile with the use of dental prosthetics, read more below and contact our office to schedule a consultation.


If you have multiple missing teeth, we can put in a bridge connected to existing teeth to fill in the gaps and improve your ability to chew.

A crown (or cap) is placed over a decayed tooth after a root canal has been performed to remove infection.

If you have missing teeth, we can provide you with permanent implants that will function and look just like your original teeth.

We can provide you with either full or partial dentures to replace multiple missing teeth.
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