Dr. Alan Sezer is the premier prosthodontist in the greater Roslyn, NY area. Prosthodontics is a dental specialty for restoration and replacement of the teeth. Prosthodontists require to enroll in 3 years of additional specialty training and education after graduating from a dental school. 

Dr. Sezer has more than 30 years experience in this field. Dr. Sezer is dedicated to providing superior cosmetic dentistry to his clients for the best possible results.

Problem Cases are Welcome!!!  

Dr. Sezer is a third generation dentist/prosthodontist and a former dental lab technician. His skills and expertise makes him a "Problem Solver".

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Cosmetic Dentistry
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It is important to see a Prosthodontist if you are looking to improve your smile, specifically in treatments for missing or broken teeth.  Contact Dr. Sezer today at 516-627-1500 for more information.
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About Dr. Sezer
Dr. Sezer is a highly-educated prosthodontist with more than 30 years of experience restoring smiles throughout the Roslyn, NY area.
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Cosmetic Dentistry
Cracked, stained, or broken teeth? We have a full range of services to fix your teeth and restore your smile.
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Dentistry Information
We have answers to all your most frequently asked questions.
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We offer dental implants, teeth whitening, and more!  Contact us at 516-627-1500.

Dental issues can make you hesitant to smile, but they can also make it difficult to properly chew your food and even adversely affect your overall health. Dr. Sezer and his staff will work closely with you to get a thorough understanding of your needs to restore your teeth and gums to a healthy condition.
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